With great innovation, come great cybersecurity challenges and risks – are you prepared for them?

Necessary technologies like APIs, new and existing cloud environments, automation tools - can all become attack vectors and expose your organization to vulnerability.


Our team of cloud cyber security experts is here to guide your organization through a smooth, secure cloud migration. We'll use cutting-edge tools like automation with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and a unique Target Operating Model (TOM) to create secure Landing Zones and ensure rock-solid protection.

Whether it’s an existing cloud environment or applications intended for cloud deployment, we will assess your security posture, leveraging specialized SaaS products and cloud environment tools, including penetration tests. We’re here to tackle any vulnerability, and make sure your cyber protection is intact.

Our team studies your organizations’ various layers of protection - and plans, designs and implements tools to address each of them. From Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP), to applications (SecDevOps, CI/CD) through cloud environment and server protection, and lastly - the SIEM systems which monitor everything and provide the protective layer that oversees all security and cyber incidents.

We create solutions that are tailored to your organization, so we can achieve and maintain business resilience for the long run - for you.


The apps you develop and the websites that you use to provide services can become attack vectors - putting both your organization and your clients at risk and exposing you to lawsuits.

Strong foundations start with thorough penetration tests which give you a real idea of your organization’s vulnerabilities.

Our team specializes in conducting short, focused penetration tests - with a powerful business impact. The tests will include active and passive network security scans in order to detect whether there are any issues or vulnerabilities in one of your apps or websites, both on the cloud and on-premise.          


The first step toward information security is cybersecurity governance. In order to create governance, organizations need to invest in locating and identifying risks, and create a strategy to address them. The combination between technological and strategic consulting provides our clients a full, clear picture of their security, privacy and regulation compliance standing.

Our experts come from a multitude of backgrounds - combining experience in methodology and policies, technology and a deep understanding of regulation and compliance.

Together, we help organizations like yours to gain understanding of their current status, define cybersecurity goals and create a strategic path of action to connect the dots.

Our team also guides organizations through compliance processes to gain certifications and accreditations, including:


  1. ISO27XXX
  2. GDPR
  3. Israeli Privacy Law
  4. HIPAA
  5. CMMC



Getting requests for SOC2 from clients? We’re here to guide you through the process.

The SOC2 (Service Organization Control) report was developed by the AICPA and defines the criteria for managing client data, based on trust principles criteria.

During the accreditation process, the organization is tested on its security, availability, confidentiality, privacy, and integrity of information.

The report is signed by KPMG as an independent accountant after an audit, according to the type of report.


Choose the right technological solutions for your organization, with our advanced platform, offering best-of-breed solutions.

When it comes to choosing cyber solutions, we believe only the best will do. Our disruptive approach to cyber technology selection streamlines your journey and generates better outcomes.

At KPMG Technology Consulting, we built a service environment that mimics yours so you can get a real idea of how each solution will work once you implement it in your organization.



With KPMG, organizations can achieve and maintain long-term resilience through effective crisis management, tools and processes that ensure business continuity, disaster recovery plans, and improved communication and coordination between all relevant departments in the event of a crisis.

We work closely with our clients to assess, design, and implement customized solutions that ensure robust business and technology resilience.

Why KPMG Technology Consulting?

Our team of advanced tech professionals offers groundbreaking technological solutions adapted to fit the unique needs of your business.

We come equipped with hard-earned experience and proven success across a range of high-profile projects.

We combine deep sector know-how with global understanding to transform your business vision into reality.


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